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Joachim Weiß created a new topic ' AMIGA Ports?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Just doing some updates on my MorphOS iBook G4 and I have been wondering for some time: If we have for amiga-ish OSes GCC, the complete GNU toolchain available ans also there is an abundance of free software in GNU userland, how come we don't have AMIGA Ports? I mean like MacPorts? Found an interesting note on the webpage of NMAP ( nmap.org/book/inst-other-platforms.html ) regarding AMIGA install, it says " In general, AmigaOS users should be able to simply follow the source compilation instructions in the section called “Linux/Unix Compilation and Installation from Source Code”. You may encounter a few hurdles on some systems, but I presume that must be part of the fun for Amiga fanatics." on the bottom of the page ... Anyone with me? I think, I'll just try nmap :-)


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