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These are links to the torrents we are seeding:

AmigaCityFiles-20181117.torrent - File Contents - Archive of our entire download area: 8.2gb

AmigaVideos-20170630.torrent - File Contents - Amiga Videos: 4.9gb

AmigaFormat-20170702.torrent - File Contents - Amiga Format Cover CDs: 17gb

CU_Amiga-20170702.torrent - File Contents - CU Amiga Cover CDs: 8gb

AmigaPlus-20170702.torrent - File Contents - AmigaPlus Cover CDs: 2.1gb

AmigaActive-20170702.torrent - File Contents - Amiga Active Cover CDs: 7.2gb

AmigaPower-20170702.torrent - File Contents - Amiga Power Cover CDs: 23mb

AmigaCD32-20170702.torrent - File Contents - Amiga CD32 Cover CDs: 764mb

AmigaCD32Games-20170702.torrent - File Contents - Amiga CD32 Games Cover CDs: 2.34gb

amigaromset_archive.torrent - Commodore Amiga Rom Set #1 for RetroArch: 3.6gb

Yves Grolet Amiga hard drive - public distribution.rar.torrent - Yves Grolet Amiga hard drive image: 171mb


Our Amiga trackers:

udp://AmigaCity.xyz:6969/announce - Our Amiga specific tracker - Try This First!
http://AmigaCity.xyz/tracker/announce.php - Our Amiga specific tracker

Rules for the trackers:

  • Only Amiga-related files
  • Only public domain or abandonware files
  • No actively still sold files
  • If you don't know, ASK FIRST ????