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Happy Birthday from the Netherlands Marisa

Marisa Giancarla Thanks! 3 years ago
Marti van Lin replied to the topic 'Greetings from Ireland' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hi there,

I'm also new, from Maastricht, Netherlands.

I've always been a huge Amiga fan. Had two Amiga 500 machines and my Killer-app was Teijo Kinuenen's MED and later OctaMED.

The last song I created with OctaMED was "Back 2 the Roots", dedicated to the equally named (deprecated) website. It is available on my music website and on my "Voice of the Kernel" Album. All are free, as in free beer and free speech, under Creative Commons BY-SA attrition.

You can download the complete album her: www.mediafire.com/file/ybcl8u9wa69vybb/M...f+the+Kernel+.tar.gz

These days I'm running my virtual Amigas on FS-UA on PC (Host-OS Ubuntu Gnome) and Amibian on Raspberry PI3.

I came here because of some game in development, yet I'm pretty excited about the other software, provided in the Download section.

Very excited to be part of this community.

With kind regards,

Marti van Lin (alias ML2MST), Maastricht, the Netherlands


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