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Teams were informed of the changes in a memo obtained by the Associated Press, which said they were told that repeated or flagrant violations could cause a team to be banned for the rest of the 2020 season and/or postseason. Cleveland Browns Face Masks

Hickox was represented by Patrick Regan and Paul Cornoni of Washington’s Regan Zambri & Long. Regan, in a telephone interview today, said he was not surprised the jury ruled on Friday in Hickox’s favor, since Wilson maintained that using field testing – that is, seeing how the mask held up while it was worn by umpires and catchers – was sufficient testing.

Contemporary Coast Salish artist Shaun Peterson recently posted a video featuring his own rendition of the Seahawks logo using Coast Salish design elements.

Since Seattle is on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish, and is named for a prominent Duwamish/Suquamish (Coast Salish) leader, Chief Sealth, it might have been more appropriate for the NFL to have been inspired by a Coast Salish design. Buffalo Bills Face Masks

PHILADELPHIA -- The last time Philadelphia Eagles superfan Giovanni Hamilton went viral, it was for wishing rival Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott well following his season-ending injury in October. Cincinnati Bengals Face Masks

Official Nfl Face Masks

That includes those who don’t wear face coverings while watching from the dugout. Although such measures were suggested in MLB’s operations manual before Wednesday, some players have continued to not wear face masks, offer high fives, spit and violate the protocols in other ways during games.

As Texas shuts back down amid soaring COVID-19 cases, doctors across the now-hardest-hit states face insurers that are starting to back away from the widely embraced telehealth approach to doctor appointments. San Francisco 49ers Face Masks

The NFL typically dominates the TV schedule in households around the United States with games spread throughout the day, and watching football before and after Thanksgiving feasts has become tradition for many families.


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